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Inserti con 
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Variable power usage

Two ways of flue gas output means variable use of the power for water exchanger or for accumulation mass.

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Water exchanger cleaner

Integrated water exchanger cleaner with stainless spirals is controlled via lever mechanism.

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Burning chamber for large amount of fuel

The material and depth of the burning chamber let's the user to full it up with 15 kg of wood with logs of 50 cm length.

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Rear feeding

For maximal comfort the masonry heater can be equiped with rear feeding door.

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Double glazing

Double glazing improves the insulating capabilities of the doors and decreases the amount of energy radiated through the doors into the living room.

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Easy control

The control elements are designed for precise and intuitive control of the fireplace insert.

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Animace Výměník
Animace Teplovodní kamnová vložka dvířka

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